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At Dynamic we are constantly trying to develop tools and programs to help students and revitalizing adults find satisfying and successful careers.

Our programs are typically offered in workshop formats, but can be delivered to smaller groups or individuals as well.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients and to share your success stories with our network of friends.


Designed for late post-secondary school students and adults looking to relaunch their careers, our comprehensive program includes all the essentials for finding and pursuing the ideal career, covering the career selection and job search phases of a career plan. 


The program begins with the process of developing an individualized personal profile to identify those traits and preferences which will ultimately determine success and satisfaction in the workplace.  Participants will be shown how to identify careers that align well with their profile and make use of their core strengths.  The course will also help candidates to prepare for the job search process, providing insights into finding the right employer and presenting to that desired employer. 

The course noted below is delivered in a group format, but private sessions can be arranged for those preferring individual attention.  Fees for private sessions are dependent upon the selected modules delivered and are charged on an hourly rate + assessment charges.



Develop a comprehensive personal profile assessment and practice research techniques to find a career of choice.

Learn how to brand oneself and present accordingly to desired employers.  Gain skills in resume writing, interviewing and networking in order to gain access to better opportunities.

$ 745 per person

6 GROUP sessions

(totalling ~ 18 hours)

  • Full profile assessments & group debrief

  • 5 session workbooks with exercises

  • Career research guidance and career option database presentation

  • Introduction to 'A Day in the Life' videos

  • Work skill hierarchies

  • Strength & weakness strategies

  • Personal branding strategies

  • Interview skills

  • Resume writing

  • Effective networking



Interested in attending?  Check out our currently scheduled programs here


If you cannot find a session to meet your needs, drop us a line and we will add you to our mailing list and contact you when we have a session planned for your area.

Thanks! Message sent.


Unlike our group session, this session is for individuals who wish only to develop a personal profile before researching their career options on their own.  The package includes multiple assessments covering four of the key elements in selecting a successful career.  Each assessment includes a personalized debriefing.  


4 assessment combination designed for experienced workers:


$ 695 per person

4 hour PERSONAL session

  • Behavioural style

  • Driving forces (motivators)

  • Personal interests

  • Key competencies OR emotional quotient assessment

  • Career match suggestions

  • 4 hour debrief

Single assessments can be arranged upon request.  Fees are charged on an hourly rate + assessment charges.



Student profile assessments are not offered as group sessions and thus do not appear on our events page.

If interested in this program, please drop us a line and we will contact you about arranging a time for the assessments and subsequent debrief.

Thanks! Message sent.


One of the most difficult challenges we face is that of dealing with change.  Whether at home, in school or in the workplace, it can be very difficult to step away from our comfort zone and deal with something new.  Yet change is inevitable and learning to cope with change is a very valuable skill set to acquire.  Those that can learn to adapt or even embrace change will undoubtedly succeed more often than not.

Similar to students, adults will regularly experience significant change in the workplace - personnel changes, organizational structure, policy and process changes, financial performance are constantly being altered.  Learning to cope or embrace changes will not only relieve stress, it will enable the affected employees to perform at a higher level and if desired assume greater challenges in their careers.

Our on-line seminars on time management and stress management address the need to accept change, influence the means by which changes will occur and reduce the anxiety normally attributed to it.


For those entering a new career path, we can also offer executive or management coaching with our self-awareness assessments to assist with the transition during the first 60 days on the job. 

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"I found this aptitude assessment to be very beneficial and well worth the time and investment.  Although I've been confident with my career interest since a young age, the test informed me of characteristics about myself that I wasn't necessarily aware of.  I found the results to be beneficial in outlining specific needs and tendencies that will be of definite value for me in the workplace.  For individuals in high school that are uncertain about their career path, I can see this aptitude test to be very helpful.  I found Dwaine to be professional yet relatable.  He took the time to facilitate and explain the in-depth results of the assessment to make it clearly meaningful.  I highly recommend this aptitude test for young adults and professionals at any age."

Ashleigh C, Architect & University graduate

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