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At Dynamic we are constantly trying to develop tools and programs to help students and revitalizing adults find satisfying and successful careers.

Our programs are typically offered in workshop formats, but can be delivered to smaller groups or individuals as well.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients and to share your success stories with our network of friends.

Beyond the Horizon


Beyond the Horizon - Comprehensive, is our core program for students in Grade 11, 12 or early post-secondary school and is delivered in a group format (8 - 20 students) over six sessions.  The primary focus of the sessions is to provide the students with a personal profile that can be used to find a career that will prove both successful and fulfilling.  Using the profile as a basis, the students will be shown how to research career options and then how to evaluate the job qualifications against their profile.  

Students will also be guided through the process of researching and evaluating various education options, comparing credentials, program offerings and curriculums.  Students will be shown how to evaluate which program and/or school is best suited for their needs and goals.


Lastly students will be provided with insights into how they should begin to prepare themselves for their eventual career launch, understanding how they can position themselves as an ideal candidate for their chosen employers upon graduation.


The program is highly interactive, allowing students to implement much of the learnings during the sessions, enabling them to enhance their understanding and application immediately.  The following is a brief outline of the program curriculum:


Session 1:  Profile - Setting the Bar

  • Economics of Education - insights into why an education should be regarded as an investment - the costs, the potential returns, supply/demand economics and employment statistics.

  • Self-awareness (part I) - understanding the personal profile model and the integration of the key elements.  Completion of the first assessment - personal interests and identification of personal values and marketable skill sets.

Session 2:   Profile - Understanding human behaviour

  • Self-awareness (part II) - completion of assessments on behaviour style and personal drivers.

  • Introduction to Canadian career databases - expanding the options for students beyond the limitations of their own personal experience. 

  • Communication effectiveness training - understanding human behaviour and its impact on the ability to communicate effectively, including how to manage conflict.

  • Summarization of the personal profile findings into a one-page career plan, which includes a listing of career options aligned with the students personalized profile.

Session 3:  Goals - One-page career plan

  • Goal Setting Techniques - setting the bar - a process and tools for establishing personal goals and balancing priorities 

  • Career map development - expanding the options within a given profession by evaluating related careers and progression options within a given field of work.

  • Money math - introduction of a financial budgeting model which will enable students to understand their own financial needs and start the process of money management as an adult.

Session 4:  Goals - Q & A

  • Students control the agenda - a shorter session designed to allow students to ask questions about their own profiles or what they have learned to date.  

Session 5:  Career exploration

  • Armed with a listing of suitable career options, students will be directed to numerous resources that will enable them to research the professions in question - including key roles & duties, qualifications, compensation ranges, and economic outlook.  They will also be shown where to locate informative interviews and articles regarding the daily lifestyle within the profession.

  • Comparison of career expectations and requirements against the students personal profile enabling students to evaluate the 'fit'.

  • Insights into building a brand that will draw the attention of potential employers upon graduation, including insights into managing social media.

Session 6:  Program Exploration

  • Insights into learning styles - understanding which environment and techniques will enable the student to maximize their performance.

  • Program options - assisting the students in their career qualification process by evaluating the various avenues available to gain the necessary credentials.

  • Institutional comparisons - resources and tools to assist students in evaluating the school and or program that best meets the needs of the student.

  • Preparing for graduation - a listing of tips and techniques to allow the students to transition smoothly to their next step in their career plan.

  • Final review - pulling it all together.

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