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We offer sessions both privately and in group format. 


Private sessions can be booked by appointment using our scheduling planner.  Should you prefer consultation on a topic not displayed in our menu, please use the contact page to drop us a line with the specifics of what you are looking for and we will get back to you with a response in short order.

Group sessions can be booked using our program calendar.  Our core program, Beyond the Horizon is offered at multiple times throughout the year and will appear in the selection menu several weeks in advance of the planned sessions. 

Most other group sessions will be offered in seminar format only at points throughout the year that align with appropriate needs in the school calendar.  As such. most will not appear in the menu at a given point in time.  If you are interested in any such programs, please drop us a line and we will contact you (via e-mail) when the session is being scheduled.  These sessions require a minimum number of students to move forward, so having a waiting list greatly enhances our ability to service our students needs. 

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