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To succeed in any new environment it is important to develop skills to adapt the inevitable changes that will be encountered.

Put to use a series leadership skills to enable easy transition and implement new learning habits to improve understanding and academic performance.

  • Adapting to change

  • Stress management

  • Communication technique

  • Study process & habits

  • Time management

  • Adjusting learning style

"The only certainty with change, is that it will happen."

One of the most difficult challenges we face is that of dealing with change.  Whether at home, in school or in the workplace, it can be very difficult to step away from our comfort zone and deal with something new.  Yet change is inevitable and learning to cope with change is a very valuable skill set to acquire.  Those that can learn to adapt or even embrace change will undoubtedly succeed more often than not.


Students will experience a number of significant changes in their learning environments over the years.  Moving from elementary or middle school to high school can be a difficult adjustment - adjusting to new classmates, switching to rotational schedules, being entirely responsible for assignments and study schedules, moving from memorization to critical thinking, not to mention the changes in the social interaction with more mature students and significantly more peer pressure.

Transitioning to post-secondary school can be even more traumatic - living away from home, isolation, managing money, eating habits, unbalanced schedules, full accountability and even more study habit changes can add a great deal of stress to students entering their freshman year.

With some foresight, advanced preparation, basic skill development and rudimentary tools students can arm themselves in advance of this transition, enabling them to adapt quicker to their new environment, reduce the stress associated with uncertainty and get a leg up on the competition.   Goal setting, advanced planning & scheduling, learning style awareness, study habit alterations and organizational skills can be an important element in adapting to the new environment.

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