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Halton Hills, Ontario

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"This aptitude test is intelligently designed to assess behavioural style in order to determine the ideal work environment for you. The test differed greatly from others I have taken because it helped me find career options that suit my personality and natural tendencies, rather than giving me a list of careers based on my skills and favourite subjects in school. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and take this test in high school, I would definitely do so. My first university program enrolment was based on those subjects I did well in during school, which turned out to be a huge mistake! I now realize that the ideal career is one that you are good at, but also one that you enjoy and that you can realistically see yourself spending 40 hours a week doing. Dwaine was an excellent facilitator and did a wonderful job breaking down my results in a way that was easy to understand. Overall, it was an invaluable and insightful experience that I'm sure will help me find a career that brings me satisfaction." - Andrew C, Teacher & University graduate

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