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At Dynamic we are constantly trying to develop tools and programs to help students find satisfying and successful careers.

Our programs are typically offered in workshop formats, but can be delivered to smaller groups or individuals as well.

We offer programs for students at various stages of their academic career as outlined here.

Our offerings are divided into 4 categories:

Beyond the Horizon: our core programs, for students in  Grade 11, 12 or post-secondary school, are multiple session workshops designed to assist students in developing their own personal profile, identify careers which align with that profile, guide the student through the career research process and find an education program that will enable them to achieve their career goals.

Junior Inspiration:  seminars or workshops for students in Grades 9-10 aimed at setting them off along the right career path by encouraging them to set goals, improve their learning skills and explore opportunities to gain experience in the hope that they will be inspired to follow a career plan in the future.

Senior Transition:  seminars or workshops for students in Grades 11-12 intended to build skills for the transition to post-secondary school and independent living.

Post-Secondary Launch:  seminars or webinars for students in or entering post-secondary studies which assist in developing the skills necessary to adapt to their new learning environment and ultimately launch their careers.

Use the program tab in the menu above to get specific details on the program offerings by stage level.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients and to share your success stories with our network of friends.

"I found this aptitude assessment to be very beneficial and well worth the time and investment.  Although I've been confident with my career interest since a young age, the test informed me of characteristics about myself that I wasn't necessarily aware of.  I found the results to be beneficial in outlining specific needs and tendencies that will be of definite value for me in the workplace.  For individuals in high school that are uncertain about their career path, I can see this aptitude test to be very helpful.  I found Dwaine to be professional yet relatable.  He took the time to facilitate and explain the in-depth results of the assessment to make it clearly meaningful.  I highly recommend this aptitude test for young adults and professionals at any age."

Ashleigh C, Architect & University graduate

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